One of the most life-changing experiences

May 21, 2017, was the first time Savannah reached out to me about getting my health and nutrition on board. She would reach out to me 3-4 times a year after that, regardless of me shutting her down cover and over again.

Over the three years, I had gained 100 lbs. May 13, 2020, Savannah made another attempt to reach out to me about joining her team for Beachbody because there was a flash sale going on. I finally decided to join. She was also starting a 30-day virtual boot camp due to COVID shutting down her insanity classes. I finally decided to sign up for beach body with the 21-day fix package at 249 lbs.

Throughout the 21 days fix, it was Savannah’s coaching that made me want to continue. She checked in on me every other day, if not every day, to see how the process was going. She made me feel like we were building a friendship, not like I was just another client of hers.

Shortly after beginning, I joined her first Breakthrough Bootcamp. The experience was unlike anything I’ve ever done. We do a 4:15 am affirmations and gratitude post. 4:30 am Savannah goes live to discuss the book we all read together. We read The Miracle Morning, the first boot camp, and it was life-changing. It helps to wake up at 4 am make sense 😂.

At 5 am Savannah goes live on Facebook for a live workout that we all do together. The amazing part is that she always called out my name when I struggled like she was in my living room. This showed that she truly knows her clients because she knew when to call us out! We also do journaling during this boot camp and meditation.

All of these are things I have never done in my life nor thought about doing. I am not on my 4th boot camp with Savannah, and I honestly cannot imagine my life without it. I don’t know what I would do if she stopped them because this has become a part of my lifestyle.

She is so uplifting and inspirational. Her story shows that anyone can achieve whatever they put their heart and mind to. Her energy is unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. The fact that she can have over 100 people in her boot camp and make each one of us feel recognized amazes me.

Savannah has changed the face of Beachbody to me. Honestly, I didn’t really believe in Beachbody before she pushed me to give it a try. Savannah speaks life into everyone she encounters. She has honestly changed my life and the life of my family. Going into my 4th boot camp, I am now 204 lbs!

I have so much more energy, and I am not taking medication for depression anymore. I was dealing with so many physical and mental health problems that have mostly all gone away!! Anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to experience her boot camp hasn’t gotten to experience one of the most life-changing experiences. This is my lifestyle now, and I am so grateful to Savannah for not giving up on me!

A better version of myself

The Savannah Rae Fitness program is totally life-changing.
Not only was I able to gain my self-confidence back, but I learned to love working out.
Savannah’s morning routine challenged me to be a better version of myself, not only physically but also grow as a person.
In this program, I gained a fitness family and have made great friendships. I am proud to announce that I am down a total of 33 pounds!
-Ashley Rosales

You’ll never want to stop!!!!

I love this virtual boot camp!!! It has helped me in so many ways!

I have lost over 30 pounds with these awesome 30-minute workouts and the nutrition advice Savannah provides!

It has mentally put me in a better place. Everyone in this group is so supportive and Savannah does an amazing job keeping everyone motivated and determined to reach their goals!

This boot camp is a must-do because you’ll never want to stop!!!!

-Tiffany Fejeran



Stronger Physically, Stronger Mentally
Savannah has a system that is an all around health journey path. Not only does she come up with some amazing, fun, and challenging workouts, but she incorporates personal development as well. Not only am I stronger physically but I am stronger mentally. I will continue on this journey as long as I can so that I can become stronger and healthier.

Heather I.
Very Effective In Becoming Your Best Self
Best workout/morning routine that is very effective in becoming your best self! Highly recommend Savannah! If you’re even thinking about joining just do will not be disappointed!

Angie D.
An Absolute Game Changer For Me
Life changing stuff here! Savannah is a mentor who helps people of all backgrounds achieve their goals. Life coaching, encouragement, community, and some high energy ⚡ fitness too. Affordable and online, change your life from anywhere in the world. This boot camp has been an absolute game changer for me. I highly recommend Savannah Rae Fitness!

Natalie A.
Encouraging, Motivating And Understanding
This is more than a fitness class. It has the tools for you to become your best self, inside and out. Savannah Rae is encouraging, motivating and understanding while pushing you to your limit. This class is a must for anyone who wants to live to their full potential!

Kay S.
I Love Her Workouts
Savannah is so amazing ! She really helps get you to the next level and meet your goals. She is the sweetest person ever and really cares about each person in her class! I love her workouts and will continue to use them!

Ashley R.
Full Of Motivation And Energy
Bootcamps have been great! Full of motivation and energy. Lots of challenges that make you growth as a human being and in your quest towards a healthy lifestyle which has nothing to do with a number in the scale. Highly recommended!

Carla P.
Like Nothing I Have Ever Done Before
Savannah’s Bootcamp is like nothing I have ever done before! Her program provides a platform for anyone of any age, of any fitness level, regardless of location, handicaps, schedules or even motivation level. In the privacy of your own home, on your schedule or hers, she and the amazing people in her Bootcamps will inspire you, motivate you to get up and experience life in a new, challenging, empowering way like never before!! It truly is that Good! You won’t regret your decision! It has been life changing for me!

Howard B.
Best Fitness Journey I’ve Ever Experienced
This is the best fitness journey I’ve ever experienced. The workouts are challenging, fun and for any fitness level. The daily habit of personal development and camaraderie heightens a level of accountability I’ve never experienced before. This Bootcamp is both physically and mentally a life changing program that nurtures my personal well being. Savannah’s passion is motivating and uplifting. She’s personable and her upbeat personality is contagious. As long as I’m able to keep moving, I’m committed to this Bootcamp.

Monica S.