Turkey Burn Ultimate Package

Turkey Burn Ultimate Package

For a limited time, you can get my 2-Week Turkey Burn Mini Bootcamp, 4-Week Bootcamp, plus Beachbody Total Solutions Pack for only $309.99!! 

This package is ONLY for those who will ALSO be enrolling with a >>Beachbody Total Solutions pack ($140)! <<

That means you’ll get:

  • 2-Week Turkey Burn Bootcamp!
  • 4-week Bootcamp!
  • Solid morning routine focusing on daily gratitude, affirmations, personal development, journaling, and LIVE workouts!
  • Daily nutrition check-ins!
  • Highly motivated, engaging, positive environment with the most powerful group in the world!!


  • Annual unlimited streaming access to Beachbody ON Demand
  • 30-Day Shakeology-Your daily dose of nutrition
  • Digital nutrition programs, nutrition guide, and 30 days free nutrition+ which includes recipes, meal plans, and more!
  • Free access to a personal coach and a private online group community.

To redeem this offer, purchase this product now. After your purchase is complete, you’ll get a link to the Challenge Pack where you can sign up and start your amazing and effective full-body workout!!



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Trust me. I know how hard it is to eat healthy, work out and be consistent! 

This is WHY I highly recommend Shakeology®, to provide your body with every vitamin, mineral, nutrient, probiotics, and prebiotics that we don’t get from regular food!! This will only maximize your results, help your body function at its highest level, give you energy, curb your sweet tooth, and regulate your digestive system!!! Awesome stuff!!