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Savannah Rae Fitness began in 2016 to help people start their journey towards self-improvement. As someone who had struggled with addiction feelings of worthlessness, she knows the importance of gratitude, healthy habits, and a supportive community.

As a student athlete, Savannah excelled. However, poor choices led her down a very dark, destructive path, turning to alcohol as her solution. She came to a crossroads, a decision, to either get help or die in addiction. She chose to fight for her life and get sober. 

With the help and support of her friends and family, she is now in a position to help others overcome their fears, reach their goals, and step into their power.

With the creation of her Virtual Boot Camp, Savannah reaches out to people in their homes and provides guidance and encouragement to build healthy habits.

Her morning routine encompasses daily affirmations, gratitude, personal development, journaling, and guided exercise routines.

Savannah’s love and passion for life motivate her to give everything to help all who participate in her class find success.

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